Vidcon Hotels – A Complete List of Where to Stay (US, Europe, Australia)

This year, VidCon is expanding its list of venues beyond the United States which increases the number of people looking for VidCon hotels. The YouTube convention has gained popularity over the course of this decade and is holding conventions in California, Europe, and Australia.

Chances are, you’re looking at a pretty long journey from wherever you currently live to attend one of these three venues. Since the events taking place at the conventions will be taking place over the course of a few days, you’ll want to make sure you have options for hotels in place before making your journey.

The nice thing about VidCon is that while the venues are just now tiptoeing their way out of the US for the first time this year, all three venues will be taking place in large cities. This allows all attendees flexibility regarding their temporary housing options for the event.

Since all VidCon events will be taking place in urbanized business areas within these cities, the number of hotels within a couple of miles are countless.

Moreover, many hotels on the VidCon websites for their respective cities offer discounts and deals for those attending the conventions.

The Best VidCon Hotels – USA / Europe / Australia

The best VidCon hotels for the average attendee will offer all the basic amenities that many hotels offer, such as wireless internet, swimming facilities, cable television, and a breakfast bar.

Since many of the larger hotels in the area will be anticipating a high rate of attendance, the amount of potential business for them to generate makes it easier for them to lower standard rates for the events.

Depending on how you decide to get to Anaheim, Amsterdam, or Melbourne, you may find that driving your personal vehicle may not be practical or even possible.

If you are commuting to these areas via unconventional means (train, air travel, city bus systems, etc.), you will want to keep this in mind when commuting between the event and the hotel where you will be staying.

Vidcon US – Anaheim, California

The sunny city of Anaheim, California is the birthplace of the original VidCon and is home to many luxury hotels within a few blocks of the Anaheim Convention Center.

Using this link to register for your stay will allow you to receive a discounted rate for your lodging while you’re in Anaheim.

Keep in mind that the hotels nearest to the convention center charge a pretty penny, even with the discounted rate for those attending VidCon.

For those living in the greater Los Angeles area, spending extra money on a hotel might not be necessary if you are willing to make a commute of up to a couple of hours to and from the convention each day.

While this may not seem as convenient and won't offer you an extra bundle of luxuries, the amount of money you spend on gas or bus fare may well be worth what you'll save at one of these places.

Vidcon Europe – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Located conveniently in the center of the city, the RAI convention center is just a couple kilometers away from multiple hotels.

For speakers and VidCon personnel, VidCon hotels advertised by RAI are offered at an even lower rate than the average attendee.

However, make sure that you have the proper login credentials to validate this upon reserving a room; simply providing a more expensive badge type to the receptionist won’t be enough to get these further discounted rates.

The discounted rates in this particular venue are something to keep in mind when registering for a hotel beforehand.

While these rates would normally be much higher given their reputation for high-quality lodging, these bargains are usually only available to the general public during major events like VidCon.

Vidcon Australia – Melbourne

These are just a few VidCon hotels in Melbourne within a few blocks of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. The short walking distance is convenient for those without traditional means of transportation during their staying in Melbourne.

While the Crown hotel line is among the most luxurious and classy hospitality experiences in the country, these aren’t the only hotels in the Melbourne area. If you’re looking to save some money on lodging, feel free to explore more affordable options that also offer similar amenities and excellent customer service.

Other Considerations

Depending on your location relative to the convention you’ll be attending, you might find that staying at any of these hotels is necessary or even worth what little money you might have.

If you are already living in the city of one of these venues, the VidCon hotels mentioned on the sites of their respective venue location might not be necessary.

Moreover, the convention centers where VidCon will be taking place in each of these cities are in busier parts of the cities. This means that the hotels nearby will naturally offer higher quality service and amenities than a cheaper hotel in other parts of the inner city.

In turn, you can expect to pay a little more than what you may be expecting, even with the discounts offered through the convention centers.

Even though you’ll want to make the most of your trip to VidCon, just remember that all the good stuff is happening at the convention, not at the place where you’ll be sleeping. Spending additional money when it isn’t necessary can be avoided if you have the right resources.

If you have adequate transportation to other parts of the city, it might be easier on your wallet to stay with any friends you might have in the area or else get a room at a cheaper location.