How to Block Subscribers on YouTube (6 Steps)

Creating videos should be fun and exciting. Hopefully, the majority of your viewers and subscribers are great people who you love to interact with. Unfortunately, some people are rude, creepy or just plain problematic.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to block subscribers on YouTube:

The Difference Between Blocking and Deleting

You can’t actually delete subscribers. Even if you could ban a username, that person could just log out of their account and continue to view your YouTube videos. That’s the bad news.

The good news is you can block any subscriber you choose. Blocking someone prevents them from commenting on your videos. They also can’t send you messages.

A block doesn’t stop the person from seeing your updates. Still, they won’t be able to talk to you anymore – and that can be a big relief. Plus, repeated complaints across YouTube towards one individual can lead to more serious action by the platform.

Here are the 6 Steps to Blocking Someone on YouTube:

1. Sign into your Google Account

Your YouTube account is connected to your Google Account. You’ll need to sign in and access your YouTube channel.

2. Open Your Subscriber List

Signing in takes you to your main YouTube page. Look for the small triangle next to your profile pic. Click it to open the vertical bar of options. Underneath “What to Watch” you should see “My Channel.” Click on “My Channel.”

At the top of your page, you should now see some information including the number of current subscribers, your total video and channel views, and the Video Manager. Click on “Subscribers.”

In the large square in the middle of the page, you’ll see your channel. On top of the video box (also called “channel art”) you should see “[Numerical] Subscribers” and “Video Manager.” Click directly on the word “Subscribers.”

3. Identify the Subscriber You Want to Block

The main section of the page now switches to the Subscriber page.

You can look at a variety of info on each subscriber including:

  • Their name and thumbnail
  • When they subscribed to your channel
  • How many subscribers they have on their channel (if they have a channel)

You also have to option to subscribe to their channel or send them a message. Of course, if you’re about to block the person, you don’t want to instigate any contact. Definitely don’t send any taunting messages (“Enjoy being blocked!”).

This page only shows people who elected to publicly display their subscriptions. So the number of subscribers you see here may be different than the number displayed on your dashboard.

(Note the info bar on the left side of the screen. You’re now in the Creators Studio. Options here include Dashboard, Video Manager, and Community.)

4. Click the Subscriber’s Name

Find the name of the subscriber from the main list. When you click on the subscriber’s name, you’ll be taken to their Channel. You can only block a subscriber when you’re in their Channel.

Their Channel will be either or Also, the title of your tab will now display their user name.

5. Click the About button on the Subscriber’s Page

On the subscriber’s page, you’ll see a row of options starting with Home. Click on About, which is the sixth option. The screen will switch to a new page with info about the subscriber.

You’ll see a graphic of a little flag. Next to the flag is a longer button which reads Send Message. Obviously, we’re not interested in communicating with the person we want to block. So instead we’ll click on the flag graphic, which brings up a drop-down menu.

6. Block the User

You should now see what we’re after. The first item in the drop-down menu is Block User. Feel free to savor the moment and then click to block.

A message will pop-up asking if you’re sure you want to place a block. Confirm that you do.

That’s it! The individual will no longer be able to communicate with you. The blocked person receives no notification when they’ve been blocked. They simply can’t message you or comment on your channel.

Blocking is just one tool at your disposal. You can also delete specific comments on your page or even turn off comments completely.

Especially problematic users may try to evade a ban by creating new accounts to continue the harassment. Harassment can include abusive messages, unwanted sexualization, the revealing of your personal information and more.

If a user is harassing you, YouTube has a suite of reporting tools you should use. For more info, check out YouTube’s Privacy and Safety Settings page.

Unblocking a User

What if you change your mind about a blocked user or simply blocked someone by accident? Unblocking is pretty easy.

Click on My Channel to open the Creator Studio. In the list on the left, click on Community. A few different options appear.

Look for the list of banned users. Click on the Approve button next to individual’s name to unblock. You can also watch a video for more information.

Block and Move On

YouTube harassment can take a variety of forms. The longer you post videos, the more likely you are to encounter at least some type of harassment. Fortunately, most trolls and harassers will quickly move on once they’ve been blocked.

Blocking a user is fast and simple. Don’t hesitate to block anyone who makes you uncomfortable. After all, it’s your channel! Preventing users from sending you harassing comments and message makes YouTube more fun for you and your audience.