Top 10 YouTube Conventions in the USA

Many regular viewers in the internet video streaming community have their favorite internet celebrities who have earned their fame through YouTube. Even for those who don’t admire any particular YouTuber, many have their preferred taste in video content, whether this might be related to fashion, gaming, or keeping up with the latest trends in the internet and pop culture community.

Whoever your favorite internet video personalities or whatever your taste in videos may be, there is a YouTube convention in the USA for just about anyone. Many of the bigger conventions like VidCon provide opportunities for everyday members of the viewing community to meet some of the most innovative and personable video celebrities in Youtube.


The annual YouTube-focused convention is the most highly attended event of its kind. Originating in 2010 in the Los Angeles area, this two-day convention is an opportunity for video creators, fans, and industry game changer to collaborate and meet each other.

Now in its 8th year, the 2017 VidCon is expecting to host many of the same YouTube personalities that were featured in 2016. Being one of the top YouTube conventions in the USA, many well-known faces like Jenna Marbles, Tyler Oakley, and Hannah Hart are among the celebrities expected to be featured again in 2017.

The nice thing about VidCon is the wide range of individuals that it appeals top, perhaps making it the most popular YouTube convention in the United States. Events and discussions are set aside for members of the casual viewing community, famous YouTube creators, and those wanting to change the way videos are viewed. Regardless of your role in the YouTube community, there is something for everyone at VidCon.


RTX is a convention not specifically reserved for YouTube alone. Rather, this is a time for gaming enthusiasts to come together for the ultimate fanfiction convention in collaboration with internet-based ideas.

While YouTube is simply one medium for attendees and creators to demonstrate their ideas, other video and blog web services are utilized as well.


BeautyCon takes place in multiple cities across the United States, preferably ones that could be considered stylish. Events have been known to take place in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas, aspiring to find the talent that brings out the most glamorous features across all popular social media platforms.

Playlist Live

Playlist Live is similar to VidCon and offers the same basic experiences for those simply wanting to see their idols in person. Unlike VidCon, however, this convention is not limited to only one city in the United States. This year, Orlando and Washington D.C. are expected to host the three-day event in which famous YouTubers and their fans will come together under the same roof.

The first day consists of creators registering themselves with the event. This is followed by a mixer in which creators will get a chance to get to know each other as well as meeting up with their fans.

In recent years, PlayList live has seen the introduction of other social media personalities across Vine and Instagram. Overall, this event is a time for the most influential voices in social media to connect with the fans that made them the celebrities they are today.

Stream Con

This East Coast event takes place in New York city each year and is a great opportunity for anyone aspiring to make the most of their YouTubing experience. While this is an excellent opportunity for fans to see upcoming faces in the internet video and vlogging community, this convention is geared more towards creator appreciation and promotion.

During this convention, creators find out what is trending in the internet video industry to keep their videos fresh for their fanbase while appealing to future fans as well. In addition to the income they see from their YouTube videos, this convention also gives them the chance to document the event through their Instagram and Twitter profiles and sell creator-themed merchandise.


This annual event is taking place once again this Fall in Seattle. Vloggerfair is a great time for anyone interested in contributing to the Internet video streaming community. While the concept of this type of web-based video convention is, at least in the mainstream, a relatively new one, prominence in the YouTube community is not a prerequisite for registering as a vlogger.

This event is for anyone. Whether you want to get your name and ideas out there as a blogger and video maker, have already developed a respectable following, or are simply interested in seeing what vlogging entails and may offer you as a hobby, this is another terrific YouTube convention in the USA.


Another convention that isn’t necessarily exclusive to the YouTube community, this is another event that promotes itself heavily through the web video service to keep attendees informed of what should be expecting at the next convention.

Gamers far and wide can spectate the discussions and introductions of new games and hardware from their favorite developers. The best part? Getting the most important information from the convention is possible from the comfort of your web browser via live streaming from YouTube.

CVX Live

Another annual event based held in Utah, the Creator Viewer Experience live is a time for the most popular video makes in the YouTube community to give presentations. This event is essentially an extended YouTube performance from some of the most valued names in the vlogging industry.

The Streamy Awards

This event is a time for well-known YouTubers and Vine creators to be recognized for their contribution to the online video industry. This event essentially is an awards ceremony for YouTubers based on various categories, much like candidates are awarded at the VMAs.

Indy PopCon

This pop culture convention in Indiana celebrates the multiple mediums of artistic expression. In addition to events and creators in the online video and content community, booths and demonstrations are held for gamers, anime fans, science fiction enthusiasts, and more. For those whose interest deviate from outside YouTube, this event may be the best opportunity to get your pop culture fix for the year.